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Buy LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser LEGO is a popular construction toy brand that most people around the world are familiar with. In 2012, LEGO launched the LEGO Friends product line which is designed primarily for little girls. The line of LEGO products has been one of the brand’s largest successes in its history, paving the way for more products under the LEGO Friends product line.

Recently, LEGO Friends introduced the LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser, which is a yacht-type 2-storey boat consisting of decks and several rooms complete with all the necessary accessories for hours of adventure and pretend-play.

The Dolphin Cruiser is the perfect addition to the LEGO Friends line, introducing two new characters with the mini dolls that come with the set. Mia, and new characters Maya and Andrew are all decked with summer outfits and hair combinations for kids to choose from.

The color of the entire set is predominantly white and blue, which means that the Dolphin Cruiser can also appeal to little boys. Your child can have Mia slide down the waterslide, have Maya jetski outside the Cruiser, and have Andrew maneuver the captain’s deck. This 612-piece LEGO set comes with the cruiser, which is 14″ long and 6″ high, the 3 mini-dolls, and all the parts that make this set fully furnished with everything you need for a great boat trip.

The set comes in 5 separate bags to keep everything in place. You build the boat deck by deck, and each bag is used for a specific area of the boat, making it easier for you to know which parts belong to a certain area of the boat. The fully colored instruction booklets have picture instructions that make it easier for you and your kids to understand. Aside from the 5 bags of LEGO pieces, a sticker sheet, and loose large parts are also included. The accessories add charm to this LEGO set, such as the iPod, ice cream cone, hair blower, plants, food, and other tiny accessories that can be used by the mini dolls.

The playability of the LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser is just endless. Children can play with the set for hours, encouraging creativity and imagination to run wild. This massive and well-detailed set will keep your kid and her friends busy with all the activities that they can do with the mini dolls on deck. Mini dolls Mia, Maya, and Andrew can play with the 2 dolphins, prepare their food in the fully equipped kitchen, lounge under the sun on the upper deck, or even sleep in the bedrooms. The roof of the boat is detachable so your child can easily play with the different rooms inside the boat.

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